Our Story

Hey there! I'm Holly, and I'm the person behind Peach & Stella's. I wanted to take some time to tell you how Peach & Stella's came to be, as this is so much more than just another run of the mill dog treat business. This business is truly a piece of my heart and I want to share it with the world. 

I’ve always had dogs, and previously had not experienced any major health scares with any of them. Unfortunately, May 2018 changed that when Ice, my just-turned-6-year-old rescued XL Bully was diagnosed with Lymphoma. I made it a point to focus on his quality of life, not the quantity of his days remaining. We had 7 amazing weeks from the date of diagnosis, and we filled those weeks with an immense about of love. I was able to create lasting memories with my boy, of which I will cherish forever + one day.

Seven months to the day I said my goodbyes to Ice, I lost my sweet 12 year old Ralphie to Hemangiosarcoma. It was so unexpected. We were on a road trip to Vermont from Oklahoma and had to make an emergency stop in New York. Never did I dream I would walk out of that clinic without him. It felt like an awful nightmare I was having to relive all over again. Talk about a shattered heart, and on Valentines Day, nonetheless.

Cancer has now stolen two of my loves. 

Peach & Stella’s, established September 2018, is named after my girls. Peach, a 13 1/2 year old Pit Bull (who since creating Peach & Stella’s has had a pacemaker placed by the University of Missouri’s incredible cardiology team), and Stella, a nearly 2 year old mixed breed (mixed with a whole lot of love, a little bit of sass, a pinch of crazy, and a hint of caution) are my girls. These two were huge players in helping my world continue to go 'round after the loss of my boys.

I wanted to take my grief and turn it into a positive. I decided to create a company focused not on the bottom line (making money), but on giving back. More specifically, I wanted to focus on giving back to families fighting canine cancer. I chose to do this by way of sourcing and providing truly natural treats and chews your pets will not only love, but treats and chews you can feel 100% comfortable and confident in feeding, and at price points everyone can afford. You will never find chemicals, additives, preservatives, hormones, antibiotics or any other random nonsense in our products that don't belong in the belly of your pet. We make it a point to provide superior quality products that will truly enhance your pet's quality of life.

If you have dealt with canine or feline cancer, you know it can be one of the scariest journeys you will ever embark on with your pets. Knowing there were strangers out there thinking about me, extending their hearts and hands to my family simply out of the kindness of their hearts as a result of my journey with canine cancer, and even going out of their way to send me (and all of my dogs) gifts to help lift our spirits made that awful journey so much more bearable. All of those people were the light in a dark time for my sweet little family. As a way to pay it forward, I want Peach & Stella's to provide that same light for other families fighting canine cancer.

Through our Battle Buddy program, we send a free box of dehydrated treats to two new families each month who are battling this awful disease with their canines. Every other month, we choose a family to be the recipient of a financial donation made by Peach & Stella’s (and our incredibly committed and passionate customers) by gifting 20% of our sales for that month to assist with their pet’s cancer expenses. Cancer expenses can add up quickly, and we believe where there is a need, it should be filled, which is precisely what we do.

Peach & Stella's is truly a labor of love and means more to me than I'll ever be able to explain. Thank you so much for taking this journey with us and for helping us make a difference in the lives of those fighting canine cancer.

In honor of my boys Ice and Ralphie, and on behalf of all those who have fought and are valiantly fighting this horrible disease,

Holly, Peach, and Stella

Giving back to families fighting canine cancer...